SCOR: Steering Committee for Organizational Realignment

Catholic Medical Center is on a journey of organizational and cultural realignment that promotes and supports excellence in quality, safety, performance and communication.

We know that to carry out Christ’s healing ministry by offering health, healing and hope to every individual in our care, we must recommit ourselves to the work needed to ensure we are meeting not only our patients’ and community’s expectations, but also our own.

Winter Quarterly Update

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Message from Alex Walker, President & Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Medical Center

Catholic Medical Center is proud to have served the Manchester community for nearly 50 years. We know in order to continue serving our community and commit to the highest quality care for our patients, we must consistently focus on improvements. With this commitment to self-improvement, the CMC Board of Trustees engaged Horty Springer & Mattern, a nationally known firm, to conduct a thorough, independent review after media reports surfaced last year that questioned the safety of our cardiac program. This review included the thorough evaluation of a number of areas including past and present policies, processes and procedures related to our medical staff, hospital administration and Board.

The review located here, concluded that the current cardiac surgery program at CMC is a top-tiered high-functioning program with excellent outcomes. The review also confirmed what we already know – that CMC’s expert medical staff, nurses and support staff consistently deliver high-quality care. The report also concluded that CMC is committed to, and has consistently operated with patient safety as a top priority. 

However, the report also identified significant organizational shortcomings that we are actively addressing. This performance improvement work is the result of a collaboration between the Board, Medical Executive Committee (MEC) and administration. This public webpage  reflects our commitment to ensure transparency and open communication as we work to address the identified issues quickly and appropriately, and put into place the necessary corrective actions.

As we continue our journey of performance excellence, I would like to give a special thanks to the Steering Committee for Organizational Realignment (SCOR) for their diligence, expert counsel and dedication as we all work together to further CMC’s goal of serving our community with a renewed commitment to excellent patient care and outcomes.  

To ensure we have fully and appropriately responded to the key findings in the Horty, Springer & Mattern report, we created 10 Focus Areas around which we will manage and track success in this work: 

Our 10 Focus Areas

1Short Term Goals
Drive systematic changes over the next six (6) – twelve (12) months.
2Organization, Structure, & Composition of Senior Leadership Team
Consider restructuring, simplifying and identifying the right people.
3Provide Education
Focus on core duties and responsibilities for the Board, Senior Leadership and the Medical Staff.
4Review Corporate Bylaws
Revise and update regarding the role of the Quality Management and Patient Experience Committee.
5Update Medical Staff Bylaws and Credentialing Policy
Actively involve MEC members, other physician leaders and Senior Leadership.
6Develop New Peer Review Policies
Rebuild the Professional Practice Evaluation Policy, Practitioner Health Policy and Professionalism Policy. 
7Revise Quality Management Program
Focus on leadership, accountability and data.
8Revise 2BSafe Reporting
Rebrand, simplify the reporting form, create a feedback loop and add physician review.
9Other Operational Issues
Evaluate medical staff meeting procedures and the flow of information.
10Trust and Accountability
Measure and increase trust and accountability at all levels of the organization. 

We know that to fully complete our SCOR work, we must consider the broad impact of any change throughout the organization. While each of our 10 Focus Areas are designed to provide an appropriate structure – with the right policies and procedures in place, we know we must also provide a cultural foundation for our team members.

Our SCOR Cultural Foundation provides waypoints on our performance improvement journey where our team can see how the actions we are putting in place tie directly to our cultural goals.

Cultural Foundation

As a part of our commitment to transparency and open communication, we will be posting regular updates to ensure we are keeping the community apprised of our work and commitment to this process. Please scroll to the top of the page for our latest update.
We encourage any interested member of the community to reach out to us with questions via email:

Our work is broad and has deep consequences. It is organization and culture changing work. - Grace Tung, Member, Steering Committee for Organizational Realignment